Standards Overview

The goal of the CAHC Accreditation Program is to ensure that providers delivering home care services meet established industry “best practices."  To achieve this goal, CAHC has developed Policies, Procedures and Standards, known collectively as the Accreditation Program. 

These Standards, developed through a collaboration of home care industry leaders, have undergone extensive field application and are reviewed and updated periodically.

The Accreditation Program is focused around five Standards, under which there are specific actions, policies and procedures that are required to demonstrate compliance. 

A comprehensive discussion of the Standards and associated policies and procedures can be found in the Accreditation Manual.

  • The Provider shall have legal authority to operate and shall meet the Commission eligibility requirements.
  • The Provider shall have written policies and job descriptions to guide its operations.
  • The Provider shall ensure that there is responsibility and accountability for agency operations and that there is a formal process to ensure service quality.
  • The Provider shall use a fair and consistent process to select qualified personnel and shall regularly monitor the performance of personnel.
  • A registered nurse shall provide clinical oversight for all patient care services.



The goal of CAHC accreditation is to ensure that providers delivering home care services that meet established industry "best practices."


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