Meet Our Staff


Field Surveyors - RN

Our Field Surveyors conduct audits at providers' offices to assess whether the clinical, personnel, and administrative practices and policies are properly implemented and comply with our Standards.  

All of our field surveyors are NJ Board of Nursing registered professional nurses with hands-on experience in home care. They are knowledgeable about the issues that home care agencies face every day and work closely with providers throughout the accreditation process.

Every member of the CAHC team has a role in helping providers to understand, achieve and maintain compliance with the Standards through self-evaluation, consultation, and ongoing educational support.  We encourage you to contact us any time you have a question or concern about the process.



     Executive Director

     Don Winant, MBA

Don Winant    

Director of Accreditation

Vlad Kurnov, RN, BSN


Vlad Kurnov

Accreditation Mentor and Education Coordinator

  Paula Pedersen, MA,BSN, RN





Accreditation Coordinator

Dawn Palmeri-Bemis


Dawn Palmeri-Bemis