Scope of Responsibility

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that providers delivering home care services meet established industry best practices. CAHC on-site surveys are conducted by registered nurses experienced in home care to determine if the provider has the processes in place to safely deliver patient care.

As a requirement of accreditation the home care provider must give patients written contact information on how to file a complaint with appropriate agencies and with CAHC. Should a complaint received at CAHC be beyond the scope of our accreditation standards the complainant is referred to the appropriate state or federal agency that has authority and appropriate resources to follow up on the complaint.

Financial audits or forensic accounting is not a part of the accreditation survey and we do not investigate allegations of fraud, criminal activity or illegal practices.

However, as an accrediting body, CAHC “reserves the right to report to the appropriate local, state or federal agencies or departments any suspected unsafe, irregular or illegal procedures, practices and/or conditions that come to the Commission’s attention at any time during the accreditation application and/or monitoring process or via a complaint or by any other means, whether or not the issue(s) in question are addressed specifically in the accreditation manual or fall within the scope of the accreditation program.”