Choose CAHC

The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC) has been setting the standards for quality home care services since 1986.

CAHC is proud to be New Jersey's largest accrediting body.  CAHC is also the only accrediting body based in New Jersey.  We operate exclusively in New Jersey and dedicated only to New Jersey’s home care providers in delivering the highest standard of service to our local communities and families.

We bring in-depth knowledge of New Jersey state legislation, rules and regulations and share ongoing collaborative relationships with the State’s departments of Health, Human Services and Law and Public Safety.  We live and work in New Jersey and our families and friends count on CAHC for its seal of approval when they choose a home care provider.


Helping You to Succeed

Our goal is to help your agency meet and maintain industry standards and best practices. We’re focused on helping you succeed rather than just uncovering deficiencies.  You can count on us as a trusted resource throughout the initial accreditation process and beyond with access to our educational workshops and ongoing staff support.

When you choose to become a CAHC-accredited agency, you will enjoy the benefits of being part of an elite group of home care providers.

Our standards are designed to help you continuously improve the quality of your day-to-day operations and delivery of care.  Our on-site surveyors and CAHC staff are available to you for advice and guidance on how to assist your agency to meet the full intent of those standards.

CAHC has the programs and offerings to educate you, develop your staff, enable your best practices and provide you with the tools and resources to make you successful.



Accreditation from CAHC will provide you with a well-deserved advantage in the highly competitive home care marketplace.



  • CAHC’s Accreditation Program is designed to guide and mentor you. 
  • We are proud standing above all others with in-depth knowledge of all NJ State legislation and its rules and regulations. 
  • We’ve earned the strongest collaborative relationships with the State Division of Consumer Affairs, State Department of Human Services, NJ Divisions of Law and Public Safety and Health as well as the NJ Board of Nursing.

CAHC is also the only accrediting body with membership and active participation in all 3 of New Jersey’s home care trade organizations.