CAHC Testimonials

Acadia Home Health Care – Lourdes Espaillat, Administrator 

I highly value the opportunity to share my experiences with CAHC through this medium.  Our office is very appreciative of the tremendous amount of support we have received from their staff since we began this challenging venture in the health care industry.  There are so many demands in this business, that it would have been impossible to overcome  the challenges without the continuous collaboration with CAHC. They are always open to listening to our concerns and offer us useful advice as to how to best resolve the issue at hand.

I find the workshops keep us updated with the most relevant and up to date information, and helps us follow the Standards so that our agency can offer the highest possible quality  of service. Providing excellent service to the community being what we take the most pride in.

I also want to give a great deal of recognition to the surveyors’ extensive expertise and constructive criticism during the yearly monitoring visit. They make us feel comfortable through the process, and their guidance help us become a better company year after year. After many years of a very sound relationship, I now feel as though CAHC personnel are family.

I highly recommend CAHC to my colleagues.

Emerest Health of New Jersey – David Strohli, Administrator

“We have been accredited with CAHC since 2015. When we researched an accreditation firm for our Home Care company, we found that CAHC was always there for us, to answer all our questions and guide us with everything needed to become accredited. Since then we were always impressed with their survey process (even though very stringent, but fair).

CAHC always has workshops to help us with our compliance requirements. CAHC is also always available and helpful to us with all our compliance questions.

I would highly recommend CAHC to anybody that is looking to run a legit and compliant Home Care agency.”

Caring Solutions Home Care – Pamela DelColle RN – Owner/Director of Nursing

"As the owner and Director of Nursing of Caring Solutions Home Care, I wanted my agency to reflect the standards of accreditation.  I started the process of researching accrediting organizations over 5 years ago.  I found the path to accreditation to be somewhat overwhelming and more than a little intimidating-but then I found CAHC!

I attended a seminar at your campus on the accreditation process and found it to be clear and concise, and, more importantly, I found the staff to be helpful, attentive and patient.

I have been accredited by CAHC since 2015 and have been through multiple site surveys over the last couple of years.  The surveyors are professional, helpful and supportive.  Kudos to the office staff as well, who are always helpful and efficient.

I would recommend CAHC to any agency looking for a path to accreditation."


Safe Harbor Homecare – Karen Guccione, RN, CEO

"Safe Harbor Homecare, LLC made its decision to utilize CAHC for its initial accreditation for Personal Care Services because of the high standards CAHC promotes; which is in line with our mission to provide quality home care services to our clients.

After our thorough due diligence process Safe Harbor Homecare came to the conclusion that CAHC standards best supports our processes as a Home Care Agency in New Jersey. The ease of the application process was instrumental to a smooth initial survey inspection.  Our inspector was extremely knowledgeable and made the process educational and realistic to the demands on a day to day home care operation.

Safe Harbor Homecare, LLC is proud to inform our clients and the community we serve that we are accredited by CAHC.

Safe Harbor Homecare is a fairly new home care agency in New Jersey and our goal was to become PCS Accredited 6 months-1 year after opening. As a newly accredited agency other agencies have reached out and asked why Safe Harbor Homecare chose CAHC vs. other accreditation bodies and our answer was this:  high quality standards, cost efficient and knowledge of NJ rules and regulations."