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Coming Soon – CAHC Manual 7.0


Since May of 2018, the CAHC Board of Trustees’ Standards Committee has been extremely busy analyzing DCA’s Rules and Regulations and cross referencing each one of them to insure that our Standards/Intents directly align.

The Committee then drafted CAHC Manual Version 7.0 which incorporates needed updates while eliminating those that are no longer applicable today in our state’s governance of home health care service providers.

We are extremely pleased to announce that CAHC Standards 7.0 was fully approved by the CAHC Board of Trustees at their April, 2019 meeting.

While we continue to work the 7.0 draft to its proofed completion, we want to share with you some of its highlights. We believe that you will be extremely pleased; especially knowing that you can immediately begin implementing these changes and taking relief of what is no longer needed in your future accreditation renewal processes.

Here are just a few preliminary highlights:

1) 30 day calls – Nurse Supervisor shall, not less than once during each 30-day period during which the field staff is rendering services in the home care setting, inquire of the field staff and such other persons as may be necessary to determine whether the plan of care is adequate to meet the patient’s needs, document the findings and immediately take corrective action, if deemed necessary.

2) 50 mile restriction – removed totally and throughout.

3) Field Staff In-services – Only mandatory on the orientation! CHHA continuing in-services is now placed in your hands to decide when to provide updated information while empowering you to determine skill development training to enhance service provisions to your clientele.

4) Director of Nursing credentials – BS degree in nursing, plus two years combined public health nursing with progressive professional responsibilities in public health nursing. In place of a BS degree, the Director of Nursing shall have three years of combined public health nursing and progressive professional responsibilities in public health nursing. Furthermore, any allied health care professional with BS/BA degree or higher and at least two years of public health experience can act as Clinical Director/ Health care provider Supervisor of HCSF.

5) Annual TB screening – CDC based questionnaire to see if any risk factors/symptoms of active disease are indicated. If risk factors are present, TB/LTBI screening and MD referral are required prior to returning to work as per CDC guidelines.

Download – TBQ Questionnaire

We are planning to complete our CAHC Accreditation Manual 7.0 by October of this year; upon which all of you will be mailed a fresh, new, hardcopy print. An electronic version will be emailed to you and available online for download.

In addition, we will create a Webinar presentation of all changes that you will be able to view at anytime from anywhere.

As you have come to trust, CAHC staff will always be available to answer any questions you may have.